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dinsdag 29 december 2009

5,4,3,2,1...Happy New Year!

I´ve got Christmas figured. Know what I need and who I need to be with in order to make sure that I don't feel alone and sorry for myself on Christmas day. I´ve learned that you don´t sit around and wait for Christmas to happen but you ´arrange´ it in such a way that it works for you and those you love.

But what about that other celebration this holiday season? New Year. A time for looking back, taking stock of your life so far and all that you have or have not achieved this last year. Just how much further am I now than this time last year? What about the New Year´s resolutions of 2009. How many of them did I stick to and can I even remember what they were?

It's also a time to look forward, to speculate about what the new year will bring. To make a bunch of new resolutions designed to improve my life. Lose weight, exercise more, read the papers more thoroughly, and meet my Prince Charming - you know, the usual stuff.

But before we get that far we must bring in the new year, preferably at a party. Whereas Christmas to me is a time to spend with a small intimate group, a New Year´s celebration can´t be too large. ´The more the merrier´ is my motto at New Year.

As I said I've figured out how to spend Christmas as a single, but New Year is not that easy. I'm usually at a party, usually neighbors, and at the ´moment supreme´- five, four, three, two, one.......”Happy New Year!” everybody turns to his or her partner. That´s natural, of course you want to wish your most special person a Happy New Year first. That first hopeful kiss of the year before everyone starts kissing each other, can be so meaningful. However, if you don´t have a partner, then those first few seconds of the year when all the couples are busy with their special someone, can be rather painful. The partnerless among us can only look on awkwardly and wait for the couples to free themselves of each other. Its only a moment and before you know it someone grabs you and you can join in the handshaking and cheek kissing all around the room. I´m sure all of us singles feel it. I think what gets me is that at that moment its so obvious that I´m nobody´s number one. Whether I want a live-in partner or a weekend lover doesn't matter. It would be nice to have someone see me as their number one – particularly at 00:00 hr on the 1st January – maybe next year.

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