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donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Clouds of imagination...

We lie next to each other
in the blossoming moorland
Watching two beetles trying to find their way
through the scented jungle of summer
I turn onto my back to watch the clouds
on their shape changing journey through the sky
It tingles my imagination
and I close my eyes with a smile on my face
Enjoying the beautiful afternoon,
you lying next to me
I shiver as I feel your hand on mine
Your fingers entwined with my fingers
They playfully run up my arm
I can sense your eyes caress my skin
just like your hands do
Gently exploring with eager and curiosity
Your fingers play with my hair
They follow the lines of my face
Carefully touching my lips
Stroking the side of my neck
For then to naughtily continue their way down
outlining the contours of my breasts
I arch my back and gasp for breath
I try to say something
sssst... you whisper
as you use your lips to silence mine
My attempt to speak smothers in a kiss
a kiss filled with passion and lust
I open my eyes
to find you still intrigued by the play of the two beetles
I smile and turn onto my stomach again
No more looking at the clouds for me today...

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